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Top 10 Best Mouthwash for Braces 2024: Reviews & Buying Guide

“Embrace Your Journey to a Brilliant Smile with Braces!

Braces bring a whole new world of oral care challenges into the spotlight. But fear not – conquering these challenges is as easy as flashing a dazzling smile! In this blog, we’ve curated the crème de la crème of mouthwashes specially designed for brace wearers.

Discover the Power of Liquid Gold: Mouthwash for Braces

We’ve scoured the market to bring you the top 10 mouthwashes for braces, rigorously tested and trusted by experts. Why do they work wonders for brace wearers, you ask? It’s simple science! Mouthwash is like a superhero swooping in to cleanse every nook and cranny of your mouth. Research backs it up – it’s liquid magic that effortlessly reaches those tricky spots between your teeth and braces.

Say Hello to a Plaque-Free, Bacteria-Busting Smile!

Wearing braces doesn’t mean you have to compromise on oral health. It’s a golden opportunity to supercharge your dental care routine. Braces can create cozy hideouts for bacteria and plaque, so maintaining mouth cleanliness is paramount. Your toothbrush bristles can’t do it alone, but that’s where mouthwash steps in. It’s not just a gap-filling champ; it’s a germ-eliminating superhero that leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Ready to unlock the secret to a healthy, brace-enhanced smile? Dive into our mouthwash wonderland!”

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All of our picks have the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance.

Quick Overview

Not in the mood for a very comprehensive review of our top 10 products? See our short overview for the best products in each category.

Top 10 Best Mouthwash for Braces in 2022

There are many good mouthwashes out there but how do you know which one is right for your individual dental needs? That’s where we come in!

We have picked the top 10 best mouthwash for braces. We have listed the features, pros, and cons of each mouthwash. This will help you to identify the most suitable mouthwash for braces. So, let’s have a look at these mouthwashes:

1 – ACT Braces Care Anti-Cavity Fluoride Mouthwash, the best mouthwash for braces

“The ACT Braces Care Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash provides specialized care when wearing braces. It is very effective in neutralizing bacteria formed from food debris.” According to Dr. Greg J. Huang of the School of Dentistry – University of Washington.

If you wear braces, you need a mouthwash that prevents cavities and white spots. ACT Braces Care Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash has a unique multi-action formula that prevents white spots and cavities. Among the fluoride mouthwashes, it is highly recommended by dentists.

This mouthwash is alcohol-free and is perfect for people who wear braces. It helps to remove food particles that brushing may miss, freshen breath, and soothe oral tissue. How your teeth look after your braces are removed has a lot to do with how well you care for them while wearing braces. Improper oral hygiene while wearing braces can lead to discoloration from tartar build-up and can even cause unsightly white spots. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after rinsing.

Key features

  • Help loosen and remove particles
  • Helps prevent white spots
  • Help prevent cavities and strengthen teeth
  • Alcohol-free
  • Active ingredient: sodium fluoride


  • Additional cleaning to remove remaining debris left behind after brushing and flossing
  • Keep your breath fresh even after eating strong foods
  • Soothes oral tissues


  • The aftertaste is a little bit stronger than most other mouthwashes

Enthusiastic Product review

“My son has been using ACT since he was 6. He is now 19, still using ACT and still has had zero Cavities. He loves the taste, ease of use, and this made it an easy twice a day regiment as a young boy to a young man. Honestly, he has always gone to the dentist, twice a year, had braces and has never had a cavity, not a one! ACT does exactly what it says it will do!”

2 – Colgate Phos Flur Anti Cavity Fluoride Rinse

Poor oral hygiene allows plaque to build up under and around your braces. This weakens your teeth causing cavities and white spots that remain on your teeth even after your braces are removed.

Colgate Phos Flur is an anti-cavity fluoride rinse that is specially designed for people wearing braces and helps reduce the appearance of white spots. This mouthwash is shown to be effective in the prevention of decay. This anti-cavity rinse is easy to use, safe, and has a great flavor.

Rinsing daily allows the enamel-strengthening formula to penetrate your teeth where a toothbrush and flossing cannot easily reach even around your braces. Colgate Phos Flur Anti Cavity Fluoride Rince is the no. 1 recommended fluoride rinse among orthodontists and experts on proper care for braces. Use this mouthwash every day after brushing and flossing and make it a part of your daily oral care routine.

Key features

  • Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse
  • #1 Recommended by Orthodontists
  • ADA (American Dental Association) seal of acceptance
  • Advanced Fluoride Formula
  • Helps prevent early tooth decay
  • Ideal Protection while wearing braces
  • Active ingredient: Sodium fluoride
  • Enamel strengthening
  • Prevent cavities
  • Alcohol-free


  • Works wonders when you have braces
  • Strengthens teeth by forming a submicroscopic reservoir of fluoride on the tooth enamel


  • The price of this product is high

Enthusiastic Product review

“This product came highly recommended by my son’s orthodontist when he had braces put on last year. It’s extremely hard to find in stores, so I turned to Amazon. He loves the flavor, and uses it daily. So far, so good, as we’ve not had staining issues with his braces, and I’m expecting to find his teeth just as white under the brackets when they come off next June.”

3 – Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash for Bad Breath, Plaque and Gingivitis

Listerine is the world’s most researched mouthwash brand. Dr. Yon Lai of The House Of Braces in New York recommends using Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash for the protection of your mouth from germs and it gives you fresh breath.

Plaque infects and inflames the gums, developing into gingivitis. This mouthwash kills up to 99.9% of germs that cause bad breath, gingivitis, and plague. Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash is approved by ADA. It is clinically proven to reduce plaque 52 percent more and reduce gingivitis 21 percent more than regular brushing and flossing alone.

Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash should be used twice a day to reach its deep-clean effectiveness. Adding a 30-second rinse twice a day is all it takes to get 24-hour germ protection and achieve maximum results.

Key features

  • Kills up to 99.9% of germs
  • Prevents plague
  • Prevent early gum disease
  • Reduce bad breath
  • ADA (American Dental Association) accepted antiseptic mouthwash
  • Cool mint flavor
  • Active ingredients: Eucalyptol, Menthol, Methyl Salicylate, Thymol


  • It helps in killing bacteria for healthier gums
  • Gives you fresh breath
  • It does not burn as much as many other mouthwashes


  • Does not work on restoring enamel
  • Does not work on cavity protection
  • Can dry the mouth out for some

Enthusiastic Product review

“After I brush and floss, I still feel left over grittiness on my back teeth. After swishing with listerine my teeth feel way cleaner and the grittiness is completely gone. I love how this mouthwash makes my mouth have a burning sensation and it cleanses deeply. This is a must! and everyone complaining about the cap…. it’s easy to get off, just squeeze and twist my 13 year can do it, come on guys”

4 – Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Sore Rinse

Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Sore Rinse is a medicated mouthwash and belongs to the company’s professional range of products.

Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Sore Rinse is an alcohol-free mouthwash formula that cleanses people with sensitive mouths. The alcohol-free mouthwash formula cleanses and helps promote the healing of minor oral wounds, like mouth sores, irritations, and mouth burns. Besides giving relief in mouth and gum irritations, it helps in reducing bad breath.

Colgate Peroxyl’s oxygenating action helps to remove oral debris that may result in oral sores. After rinsing with Colgate Peroxyl, it soothes minor gum inflammation from dental procedures, dentures, and orthodontic appliances.

Key features

  • Alcohol-free formula
  • Active ingredient: Hydrogen peroxide
  • Aqua blue in color
  • Mild cool mint flavor
  • Mouth rinse cleanses and promotes the healing of minor oral wounds
  • Helps promote healing of oral sores, irritations, mouth burns
  • Oxygenating action removes oral debris to facilitate healing
  • Soothes minor gum inflammation from dental procedures, dentures, and orthodontic appliances


  • Antibacterial
  • Affordable
  • Does not stain your teeth
  • Fresh breath


  • Some people don’t like the taste of this mouthwash

5 – Periogen Rinse for Complete Oral Health – Plaque & Tartar Reducing Formula

Periogen Rinse for Complete Oral Health stands as one of the best and most effective oral care. This mouthwash naturally improves oral health as it targets dental tartar buildup. This tartar build-up is the real cause of gingivitis and gum disease.

Periogen Rinse for Complete Oral Health includes a unique blend of proven safe ingredients that prevent tooth decay. It also prevents the hardening of dental plaque build-up into tartar. This mouthwash comes with a mild neutral flavor and is not acidic. It does not contain alcohol or any sort of bleach. This mouthwash is perfectly safe for enamel, braces, and dental implants.

Many dentists, scientists, and universities from around the world confirm that Periogen Rinse is an effective treatment for gingivitis and other gum diseases. The best method to utilize Periogen is to brush your teeth initially, then use this mouthwash.

Key features

  • Removes dental tartar that can cause gingivitis and gum disease
  • Safely and progressively ends sores or bleeding gums
  • Safe for fillings, dental work, cements, and adhesives
  • Super gentle oral solution
  • Mild neutral flavor
  • Enamel safe
  • Alcohol-free
  • Tested and repeatedly proven by real dentists, scientists, and universities around the world


  • Affordable
  • Adds Longevity to your Dental Implants, Braces, and Orthodontic Appliances
  • Great for keeping tartar build-up in check on kids and adults with braces or implants


  • Leaves a salty taste in the mouth
  • Some people develop sensitivity after using Periogen Rinse

6 – ACT Alcohol-Free Anticavity Fluoride Rinse, Mint

If you have weak teeth or wearing braces and are looking for an extra fluoride treatment, ACT Alcohol-Free Anticavity Fluoride Rinse is the right mouthwash for you. This rinse is alcohol-free and helps to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay.

ACT Alcohol-Free Anticavity Fluoride Rinse is a highly recommended formula that gives you healthy and strong teeth. This formula can keep teeth free of cavities and in case they are already present, it helps them to recede.

Use once a day and swish 10 ml of mouthwash between your teeth for 1 minute and then spit out. Do not swallow and do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after rinsing.

Key features

  • Kills Bad Breath
  • Strengthens Enamel
  • Restores Minerals to Soft Spots
  • Restores and refreshes
  • Active ingredient: Sodium fluoride
  • Alcohol-free


  • Aids in the prevention of dental cavities
  • Great for building strength in teeth
  • Mild tasting
  • Enamel safe


  • You cannot eat immediately after rinsing

7 – TheraBreath Gluten-Free Fresh Breath Oral Rinse, Icy Mint

TheraBreath Gluten-Free Fresh Breath Oral Rinse uses the power of oxygen to target bad breath-causing bacteria deep below the tongue’s surface and at the back of the throat. This refreshing and alcohol-free antibacterial cleanser rinse does not burn or sting. This mouthwash is very easy to use every day.

Its special formula helps in killing bacteria for up to 24 hours, so you only have to use it once a day. TheraBreath Gluten-Free Fresh Breath Oral Rinse is kosher, gluten-free, and with no artificial flavors. This mouthwash is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Key features

  • Neutralizes bacteria and fights bad breath
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • 24-hour protection
  • Alcohol-free
  • Dentist formulated
  • Certified Vegan by AVA (American Vegetarian Association)
  • Certified Kosher by KSA (Kosher Supervision of America)
  • ADA approved


  • All-natural
  • Enamel safe
  • Restore confidence
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Powerful and intense
  • Easy to use


  • Does not work great for teeth whitening
  • Bottle design is not that appealing

8 – Crest 3D White Multi-Care Whitening Rinse

Crest 3D White Multi-Care Whitening Rinse is designed with a triple-action formula that whitens teeth, prevents surface stains, removes white spots and freshens breath.

The exclusive Whitelock Technology of this mouthwash acts as a whitening protector that helps prevent new surface stains from forming. Whitelock Technology delivers a stain-fighting ingredient to help prevent future surface stains.

Rinse for 60 seconds with 15ml of mouthwash, twice a day. Combined with the refreshing taste of cool mint, the Crest 3D White Multi-Care Rinse is the perfect way to stylize your smile.

Key features

  • Gentle foaming actions freshen breath
  • Safely whitens teeth
  • Reduces bacteria in the mouth
  • Alcohol-free; No burn of alcohol
  • Triple-action formula whitens by removing surface stains
  • Whitens smile in 2 days
  • Enamel safe
  • Fresh mint flavor
  • Active ingredient: Sodium Fluoride


  • Fights against bad breath
  • Works fast
  • It gives fresh taste with a minty flavor that awakens your senses
  • A natural formula that blurs mild stains and gives brighter teeth


  • Some people dislike the taste
  • Mouthwash is a bit aggressive

9 – ACT Kids Anticavity Fluoride Rinse, Pineapple Punch Children’s Mouthwash

ACT Kids Pineapple Punch is developed exclusively for kids. This fluoride mouthwash helps in preventing cavities. It helps them swish away food particles that brushing can miss. Kids all over the world love the pineapple fruit punch flavor. ACT Kids Pineapple Punch is alcohol-free and strengthens and protects the developing teeth.

Use ACT Kids Pineapple Punch once a day after you brush your teeth with toothpaste. Swish 10 ml of mouthwash between your teeth for 1 minute and then spit out. Kids love it but cavities don’t!

Key features

  • Delicious pineapple flavor
  • Maximum fluoride
  • Freshen breath
  • Prevent tooth decay
  • Active ingredient: sodium fluoride
  • ADA approved
  • Alcohol-free


  • Easy to use
  • Strengthens and protects developing teeth
  • Kids love the flavor


  • Does not treat, cure, or prevent any oral disease
  • You cannot eat immediately after rinsing

10 – CariFree CTx3 Rinse (Mint)

Break the cycle of decay with CariFree CTx3 Rinse. This mouthwash comes with a high concentration of fluoride, which is a mandatory ingredient for restoring the strength of enamel. CariFree’s pH-elevated products neutralize tooth decay-causing acids and fix your decay problem at its source.

CariFree CTx3 Rinse is safe to use and maintains a healthy oral environment. Although this mouthwash is really strong in repairing teeth surfaces, it is safe and gentle at the same time. It is suitable for people of all ages including ones who wear braces.

Key features

  • Protect from tooth decay
  • Alcohol-free
  • Prevent bad breath
  • Dry mouth relief
  • Protect your enamel
  • Dentist recommended mouthwash
  • Active ingredient: sodium fluoride


  • Long-term cavity prevention
  • pH neutralization
  • Maintain a healthy oral environment
  • Neutralizing cavity-causing acids
  • Non-staining


  • Must be used for a longer period

Best Mouthwash for Braces Buying Guide

When you wear braces, and your mouth is in brackets, bands, and wires, cleaning your teeth sufficiently becomes trickier and more time-consuming. For this reason, the development of white spots in the mouth during orthodontic treatment is usually a signal you don’t have an effective rinse routine. Plaque also more readily accumulates, making gum disease a common accompaniment to braces. Before you buy that mouthwash to ensure your teeth are clean and free of bacteria, there are some things you should consider.

Where do you pay attention to buying this product?

Below are some of the points highlighting what should be taken into consideration before you buy the best mouthwash for braces.

ADA Seal of Acceptance

ADA (American Dental Association) is an association of dentists in the United States. Whenever you see an oral care product that has the ADA Seal of Acceptance label on it, that means about 161,000 dentists in the United States have approved the product.

All dentists and consumers recognize it as the gold standard for evaluating the safety and efficacy of dental products. The ADA Seal of Acceptance label is a valuable label for any oral care product that has it.

ada approved
Check if the product is ADA-approved

Compatible with braces

When you wear braces and are looking for mouthwash, you must check its compatibility with braces. Some brands can make braces that leave stains on your teeth. Some of them cannot clean well under those braces. You should avoid buying a type of mouthwash that isn’t good for braces.

Alcohol-free mouthwash

An alcohol-free mouthwash, used in addition to proper tooth brushing and flossing, definitely has some benefits. You will find alcohol in many types of mouthwash due to its ability to kill germs and bacteria that cause bad breath and plaque build-up.

Alcohol at times causes a burning sensation and can damage braces. Alcohol-free mouthwash helps you to stay away from these problems.


The mouth is already a difficult place to clean well. There are lots of hard-to-reach areas between the teeth where bacteria can accumulate. If the mouthwash doesn’t help in killing bacteria, then it’s not the product that you should be using. A good mouthwash should kill bacteria under and around the braces as much as they do around the teeth. If you want to get rid of tonsil stones check the following post.

Loosens food particles

Food particles easily become trapped in the braces, and the longer those particles stay trapped, the greater the risk you have of developing dental problems. Your mouthwash should be able to loosen the food particles, kill its bacteria, and slowly get it out of the mouth. Even if you can’t get that food debris out of your teeth, at least you can kill them before they form into bacteria.

important to keep in mind

If you don’t properly dislodge any food particles, you’re risking not only cavities but also plaque and tartar, which can cause your teeth to stain.

Plaque and tartar reduction

Dental plaque is a colorless to pale yellow deposit of biofilm that regularly forms on your teeth. Over time, if plaque is not removed, it can develop into tartar. Some people have lost most of their teeth due to tartar.

It’s easy for dental plaque to build up and become tartar when you’re wearing braces because the toothbrush may not be able to reach some areas due to the brace wires. Plaque hides between teeth and under the gum line. There’s no way to avoid it entirely so it’s important to maintain a good oral care routine to keep it from accumulating.

If you don’t use mouthwash to prevent and get rid of plaque, it may lead to tooth decay, cavities, bad breath, and gum diseases. Regular rinsing will help to kill bacteria and regrowth of plaque as you can find in this study.

Benefits of Using Mouthwash for Braces

A mouthwash can never replace brushing and flossing but there are many benefits to using it as part of your daily oral care routine. Mouthwash is an effective tool in the fight against tooth decay, and gingivitis, as well as the promotion of healthy teeth and gums. Here are just a couple of benefits of using mouthwash.

Source: Listerine

Fresh breath

A quick rinse after eating strong foods can help keep your breath fresh. It kills bacteria associated with causing bad breath leaving you with fresh breath. There are many flavors available in the market.

Stop cavities from forming

The best line of defense against cavity-causing tooth decay, when you wear braces, is to use an effective mouthwash. With regular use of mouthwash before and after you brush and floss, you can reduce the chances of cavities forming. Rinse that contains fluoride can prevent cavities and strengthen your enamel.

Additional cleaning

Mouthwash can help get to the remaining debris left behind after brushing and flossing. The liquid flows around and between your teeth, helping to flush out your mouth more thoroughly. This also loosens up any hidden food particles to make it easier during brushing with braces & flossing with braces.

Healthy gums

Proper oral hygiene is correlated with your overall health, as gum disease or gingivitis can lead to serious health problems. Brushing does not remove bacteria, which can then be left to build up and cause irritation and inflammation of your gums. This can ultimately develop into serious gum diseases. Mouthwash can help in killing bacteria for healthier gums.

Healthier teeth

Bacteria and oral germs expose your teeth to decay. Regular use of mouthwash reduces the amount of acid in the mouth and cleans hard-to-brush areas that brushing alone may miss. Antibacterial mouthwash helps in killing bacteria to help prevent tooth decay.

Use mouthwash for healthy teeth

Strengthen enamel

Using mouthwash is a great way to protect enamel and prevent tooth decay. Many types of mouthwash contain enamel-strengthening ingredients which help keep your teeth more resistant to decay.

With regular brushing, flossing, and the use of mouthwash you can kill germs in your mouth and keep your mouth healthy and fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Best Mouthwash for Braces

Which Listerine is best for braces?

When it comes to finding the best Listerine for braces, Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash for bad breath, Plaque, and Gingivitis are generally considered great. The bottle lasts for almost seven weeks and this formula kills germs and freshens breath. The excellent thing about Listerine mouthwash is that it reaches all tough-to-reach spots to keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean.

Can you use alcohol mouthwash with braces?

If you wear braces, it is always better to use alcohol-free mouthwashes. Alcohol reduces the strength of the bond between the braces and teeth. This increases the risk of bracket dislodgement. It is always better to opt for a natural combination and stay alcohol-free in and rinse.

How many times a day should I use mouthwash with braces?

It is always best to follow the directions given on the bottle of mouthwash for the best effect. Most bottles generally recommend using it twice a day. Make sure to give it a good swish around the mouth.

Is Listerine safe for braces?

The best line of defense against cavity-causing tooth decay, when you wear braces, is to use an anticavity fluoride mouthwash like Listerine rinse. As Listerine can reach hard-to-reach spots that brushing and flossing may miss, it is an important part of your overall oral care routine.

Is a whitening mouthwash safe for my teeth?

Yes. Whitening mouthwash can gently remove tooth stains from everyday beverages like coffee, tea, wine, and other stain-causing foods without harming your tooth’s enamel.


Whilst nothing beats brushing and flossing, rinsing the mouth out with a good mouthwash gives great benefits. If you are wearing braces and want maximum protection for your teeth and gums, mouthwashes can be helpful to try and rid the mouth of damaging bacteria.

It is always advisable to follow the directions given on the bottle of mouthwash for the best results. Make sure to give the rinse a good swish around the mouth. Ensure it gets in all the gaps around the teeth and not only coats and protects the teeth, but to helps improve your overall dental hygiene.

You have all the information with you to decide on the best mouthwash for braces.  Choosing a good mouthwash makes your life easier and helps you to get rid of tooth decay, plaque, cavities, and gum diseases. Act today by buying one of these mouthwashes for braces before it becomes a problem.

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