Top 10 Best Tongue Scraper: 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

We all hear about the importance of maintaining our physical and mental health, but we often forego to talk on the topic of our dental health, which also carries immense importance. Oral hygiene is the procedure of taking good care of our mouth to stay away from diseases. You must know how significant it is to brush your teeth twice a day and use the best tongue scraper. It helps to remove the food particles stuck in our teeth after we eat and prevents toothache and tooth decay.

Technology has even introduced electric toothbrushes to make the process the cleaning our tooth easier and more efficient than it is by using manual toothbrushes. They help to achieve dentist level oral hygiene. It is essential for each of us to carry out oral hygiene regularly and visit our dentist at least once a year for a check-up to prevent any dental disease.

Top 10 Best Tongue Scrapers of 2020

Apart from cleaning our teeth, cleaning our tongue is equally necessary as an integral part of our oral hygiene. Do you know why? The origins of fifty-ninety percent of bacteria in our body can be traced back to the tongue as it provides a perfect atmosphere for it to grow and nourish. Cleaning our tongue is the equivalent of removing bacteria from our mouth. How many times in a week do you clean your tongue? Did you know tongue scrapers are the tools used to clean tongues?

Tongue scraping is the dentally recommended way to clean our tongue easily and quickly. The tongue scraper removes the frozen food particles on the exterior of our tongue and helps remove the bad breath from our mouth. We have listed and briefly described the top 10 Best Tongue Scraper of 2020 for your convenience.

1 – Master Medi Tongue Scraper (Best Pick 🥇)

This is the best tongue scraper to maintain dentist level oral hygiene as it sterilizable and comes with a pack of two tongue cleaners and two travel cases enabling you to carry it everywhere you go. It can be used by people with a white tongue if their dentist has verified that a white tongue cannot lead to something more serious. It has a comfortable grip which enables the user to hold it for a long time, especially if they are old in age or a kid and perform the process slowly.

Major Features

  • Made from superior surgical grade stainless steel
  • Non-toxic
  • Comes with two travel case
  • Get two in the price of one
  • Comfortable grip
  • Heavy duty
  • No risks of nicks
  • Flexible


  • The fact that it is made from stainless steel prevents bacteria buildup on your tongue. When bacteria will be removed, your mouth will not smell bad.
  • It helps to reinstate oral hygiene and taste sensation.
  • Due to its steel body, it can be sterilized whenever you want.
  • Keep one Master Medi stainless steel tongue cleaner at home and one in your travel pouch to practice tongue scraping regularly, without any hurdle.
  • It is of optimal length and flexible. It can reach all areas in the mouth easily.


  • The grip of this tongue scraper is not covered with any synthetic, might hurt a kid’s hands or feel rough against sensitive skin.

2 – Orabrush Tongue Cleaner Scraper

This is the best tongue scraper in the United States. The bristles on it are designed after a surgeon’s scrub brush. Its users speak very highly of it and believe that the use of this tongue scraper surely improved their oral hygiene and the oral hygiene of their family as one pack has four tongue scrapers. Moreover, the micro-pointed bristles ensure deep cleansing of the tongue and the outer parts of teeth keeping the teeth clean and free of plaque as well.

Major Features

  • Consists of two rows of ultra-soft and micro-pointed bristles
  • Built-in tongue scraper
  • Four tongue scrapers in one pack
  • Available in different colors
  • Affordable price


  • The bristles on this tongue scraper allow it to clean all the food particles stuck in your teeth by easily accessing your molars and premolars and give your mouth a fresh breath.
  • The tongue scraper helps remove all the bacteria on the surface of your tongue.
  • Get four in a cheap price and make your family orally hygienic.


  • Bristles might hurt sensitive skin and gums of your mouth; they have to be used with care.

3 – Thinkprice Tongue Scraper Cleaner

This is one of the best tongue scrapers. It is a 31 mm C-type arc that protects the taste buds by scraping the tongue smoothly and covering it fully during each scrap. It gives a deep cleansing to your tongue which remover all the collected debris and saves you from infections.

Major Features

  • Made up of high-quality environmental material
  • 100% BPA free
  • High-Temperature Resistance
  • Durable
  • Food and Drug Administration (US) approved
  • Comes in a set of four or six tongue scrapers
  • Get a free travel handy case
  • Non-slip grip carry case
  • Available in different colors
  • Comes with a user manual


  • It’s a family pack in the price of one tongue scraper cleaner.
  • Due to their durable nature, they are long-lasting and won’t be damaged right away.
  • It can be easily used by people of all age groups.
  • Suitable for morning and evening use.
  • This best tongue scraper removes the dead cells from your tongue and other parts of your mouth.


  • The travel case is just for one tongue scraper cleaner.

4 – Automoness Tongue Scraper Cleaner

These tongue scrapers are included in the list of best tongue scrapers because of their different shapes and premium quality. As they are made from stainless steel, these tongue scrapers take no time to clean your tongue and it takes you no time in cleaning them.

Major Features

  • It is a safe stainless-steel tongue cleaner
  • FDA Certification
  • Easier to clean
  • Carries three tongue scrapers in a pack
  • 60 days warranty
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • Even though these tongue scrapers are made up of steel, they will not rust or collect mold.
  • They are much easier to clean than tongue scrapers of any other material due to their humanize design.
  • It is suitable for both adults and kids
  • Keeps your breath fresh and bacteria away from your mouth.
  • They will not hurt your tongue and are easy to use.
  • The three tongue scrapers are of three different designs.
  • Designed with a thickly curved edge, the U-shaped tongue scraper is of the perfect shape to easily gain access to all areas of your mouth and clean it efficiently. This design makes it easier for the user to avoid having a gag reflex.
  • The spoon-shaped tongue scraper has a much thicker head which enables it to reach the inside of your tongue.
  • The third tongue scraper in this pack is hollow from its head and is double-sided. You can use it from any side you want.


  • It might hit and hurt a tooth if you lose control over it.

5 – Professional Tongue Scraper Cleaner

This tongue scraper made it to our list of top ten best tongue scrapers because of its unique design and a long warranty duration which increases the reliability of the customers on this brand. The frozen bacteria is slid off your tongue by its narrow caliber very efficiently. Use this scraper and have your mouth free of all the food particles in just some minutes!

Major Features

  • Recommended by dentists
  • Made up of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • It has a curved edge, which is polished
  • Its caliber is narrower than that of other tongue scrapers
  • A warranty of more than thousand days
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Two tongue scrapers in a pack


  • Fully cleans your tongue to save you from bad breath embarrassment and lets you smile confidently.
  • Its narrow caliber makes it easy for the kids to use it.
  • You can return it anytime you want if you do not like it as the warranty is for more than a thousand days.


  • It is to be used with extensive care, can’t leave your children unsupervised.

6 – Fans Ti Now Tongue Scraper Cleaner

This tongue scraper cleaner is recommended because of its environment-friendly nature and wide scraping head which makes it easier for people of all age groups to use it. Its extremely light in weight, which makes it easier for the kids to use. By buying this, play your role in saving the planet from global warming.

Major Features

  • It is made up of wheat straw
  • Non-slip handle
  • It has a wide scraping head
  • Ultra-thin edge
  • It weighs ten grams
  • Comes in a pack of four tongue scrapers


  • Environmentally friendly can be easily disposed of, unlike plastic scrapers.
  • Its wide scraping head makes it easier for the user to clean their tongue of bacteria, dead cells, and bad breath.
  • No chances of hurting yourself as the handle won’t slip out of your hands.
  • Light in weight, your hand and arm won’t get tired.
  • The pack can be used by a family of four people.


  • This best tongue scraper might not be the best one due to its unreliability of the material it is made up from.

7 – Sestball Tongue Scraper Cleaner

Seventh on the list of best tongue scrapers is the Sestball tongue scraper cleaner because of its perfect size and zero odor, so the chances of a gag reflex are near to no. Its size can easily fit into your hand and make it easy for you to use it. Use this scraper to wake up without horrid morning breath and be confident in front of your partner and colleagues.

Major Features

  • Comes with a carrying case
  • A pack of two tongue scrapers of different colors
  • Made up of surgical level, odorless stainless steel
  • The perfect size of 5.5 inches
  • Does not rust
  • Does not mold
  • Long-lasting


  • You can carry your tongue scraper wherever you go in the carrying case.
  • It helps you get rid of all the grossness on your tongue.
  • Sometimes the metallic odor of tongue scrapers causes nausea, this tongue scraper doesn’t have any odor.
  • Longer life than a plastic scraper.


  • Might cause an infection on your tongue if they are not kept clean. Wash them before and after using every day to prevent any infection or mouth disease and keep them in their case.

8 – Dr. Tung’s Tongue Scraper Cleaner

This tongue scraper is the number one choice of dentists and health experts. Its adjustability is one of its features which makes it stand out in the market. The other could be its good quality and long life. Its thick rubber handles make it stronger than other tongue scrapers. It is the number one choice of dentists as it has been able to fulfill all the promises it makes. 

Major Features

  • Long-lasting- can last more than ten years
  • Can be adjusted according to the size of the user’s mouth
  • Hygienic
  • Comes with a travel pouch
  • Made up of stainless steel
  • Thick rubber handles
  • Works wonders for bad breath
  • Bestseller- highest rated tongue scraper


  • It moves smoothly on the tongue and removes harmful bacteria and debris even from the back of the tongue.
  • It gives you fresh breath and improves your taste buds.
  • This best tongue scraper is five times more effective than cleaning your mouth with a toothbrush, according to the dentists.
  • It can be used with both of your hands to make scraping easier and more harmless.
  • It is compact enough to fit into a smaller mouth but due to its adjustability, it can be adjusted to a big mouth.


  • This is not a family pack as there is only one tongue scraper in one pack.

9 – Basic Concepts Tongue Scrapper

This tongue cleaner made it to the list due to its perfect width and perfect reviews from buyers. It is durable because of the way it is structured, so you do not need to worry about it breaking and then buying a new one for any time soon. It is rustproof which means it if you accidentally put it outside in the water, it won’t be damaged and your money will not go to waste.

Major Features

  • Three tongue scrappers in a pack
  • Made up of stainless steel
  • 100% BPA free
  • Lifetime rustproof
  • An ideal width
  • Handles are fastened with screws to the rest of the body making it unbreakable and durable


  • This best tongue scraper helps you to eliminate plaque and bad breath from your tongue and mouth.
  • Its width covers the whole size of your tongue making sure that the extra food particles and bacteria are removed from all the parts.
  • You can sterilize and clean it anytime you feel like it is dirty.


  • You have to be careful while applying pressure on your tongue cleaner otherwise it could lead to severe bleeding.

10 – Supersmile Ripple Edge Tongue Cleaner

As it can be bend and made in the USA, consumers purchase it. The review for it has been positive mostly, hence making its way to our list of best tongue scrapers. If you are a frequent traveler, you will face no issues in packing this as this is of the optimum traveling size and is made from plastic so it won’t make much noise when packed with other things.

Major Features

  • Comes with three ripple edge tongue scrapers
  • 100% BPA free
  • Travel approved size
  • Made in the USA
  • Bendable into a U shape
  • Made up of plastic


  • It helps you maintain your gums in good condition.
  • Removes 85% of bacteria from your mouth that is a reason for bad breath.
  • It is 2-3 times more effective than the bristles of your toothbrush.
  • Its everyday use can save you from cavities


  • This pack contains no travel or carrying case.
  • It cannot be sterilized.

Now that you are done with reading all the information about the best tongue scrapers of 2020, we know your brain must be loaded with a crazy amount of questions. But do not worry, our FAQ section has you covered!

Got questions? We got you!

FAQs on Best Tongue Scrapers

Do tongue scrappers really work?

Yes! They work like magic when it comes to improving your oral hygiene. They are extremely good for removing bacteria from your mouth and keeping it fresh. Tongue scrapers are efficient at eradicating plaque from your mouth. When it comes to giving you fresh breath, you have to use them every day after every meal for better and quick results. According to research, tongue scrapers remove 30% more volatile sulfur compounds on your tongue than a toothbrush. Nevertheless, brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush is as important as scraping the tongue.

What is the best type of tongue scraper?

The best type of tongue scraper is surely the one which is effective in its operations, the one which delivers all its promises at an affordable price and the one which got the best reviews from its customers. After thorough research, we came to the conclusion that Dr. Tung’s tongue scraper cleaner has been most appreciated and liked by its users. It is the number recommendation of dentists. The fact that it is adjustable and is compact enough to easily fill in the mouth of children has also led us to choose it as the best type of tongue scraper. The best tongue scraper would, however, be the one that fulfills all your needs in your budget.

Are Copper Tongue Scrapers better?

According to recent studies, it has been concluded that metals like gold, silver or copper mist be used to make a tongue scraper, but copper tongue scrapers are the best and most affordable. This is because of a number of reasons:

1. Copper is toxic to the bacteria in the mouth, it removes them from your tongue and helps you get free of bad breath.
2. Copper provides effective enzymes which help the healthy microbes to survive in your mouth.
3. Copper flushes harmful bacteria from your mouth.
4. Copper efficiently unblocks your taste buds which in result makes you taste food better.

How do I get rid of the white coating on my tongue?

It is important for you to know that the white coating on the surface of your tongue is because of the swelling and overgrowth of finger-like projections called papillae. This is caused by debris and bacteria collected on your tongue. You can get free of it by smoothly scraping a tongue scraper cleaner across your tongue regularly and brushing your teeth. Drinking a lot of water every day can also prevent you from this white coating by flushing bacteria out of your mouth. Select any tongue scraper from our list above of best tongue scrapers of 2020 and get rid of white coating today! MasterMedi Tongue Scrapper is the best for the removal of white coating, the number one on our list.

How often should you replace a tongue scraper?

Even though most of the tongue scrapers have a lifetime of more than ten years, it is advised to replace your tongue scraper every 3-4 months. This will save you from getting your mouth infected if your tongue scraper gets rusted or dirty. You may not if your tongue scraper is not metal and you sterilize it regularly and keep it absolutely clean. Plastic tongue scrapers need to be replaced more frequently, comparatively. Even the best tongue scraper might need a replacement. ADA has not passed any judgment in this regard, though.
Please do not take any risks in this, unclean tongue scrapers can be harmful to your body as they can result in various mouth infections.

How and when should I use a tongue scraper?

Tongue scrapers are tools used to remove dead cells, bacteria, and debris from your tongue. To perform tongue scraping, follow the following steps;

1. Take some water in your hands or in any solid bowl and wash your mouth with it. Gargle.
2. For your ease, stand in front of a mirror to clearly see what you are doing so you do not hurt yourself.
3. Take out your tongue.
4. If this is your first time and you are anxious about it, start from the bottom of the tongue. If you are nervous about gag reflexes but have done tongue scrapping before, start from the middle of your tongue.
5. Gently put the tongue scraper on your tongue and slowly, but smoothly drag it carefully towards the tip of your tongue with a little pressure on it.

6. Remember to always go from the back of your tongue to the forward, never from the forward to the back of your tongue. The chances of you hurting yourself are greater if you do that and the scraper won’t perform its functions perfectly.
7. Go from the back to the front for at least 3-5 times every time you scrap your tongue for better results.
8. Repeat this till you are sure that the scraper has covered all parts of the tongue.
9. After each scrape, use a cotton cloth to clean the scraper from the debris of your tongue and to make it ready for the next scrape.
10. When you are done, wash it with warm water and soap carefully. Dry it with a cloth and keep it in a clean, dry area where the dust can not reach, preferable in its carrying case.

Food will taste richer
This whole process takes less than two minutes once you become habitual of it. In the start, it might take five to eight minutes. Use a tongue scraper after every meal or at least twice a day in the morning and at night to see the results. You will observe and feel the change after just after your first time. Food will taste richer and delicious; you will feel and smell fresher than before. However, do not forget to be gentle while applying it as applying more pressure might make a cut on your tongue which will result in agony and blood.

Buy yourself a Top Tongue Scraper

Conclusively, tongue scrapers are a necessity for keeping your dental health upfront. To keep your body safe from any disease or infection, you need to keep your mouth clean and tidy. Tongue scrapers help you to feel confident with a fresh breath and help you enjoy every dish with its true taste. Remember that high prices do not always guarantee the quality of a tongue scraper and low prices do not mean that the scraper would not be of the best quality.

Along with removing bacteria, debris and bad breath from your mouth, tongue scrapers also improve the look and appearance of your tongue and improve your sense of taste.

Visit your dentist regularly and ask them for recommendations for your tongue scraper and the proper steps of how to use it if you are still confused about it. Ask them to perform the steps in front of you for more clarity.

The white or hairy tongue you are trying to clean with your tongue scraper might not the correct way to clean and remove them. Only your dentist will be able to tell you if those could be cleaned that easily or are an indication of some other issue. In other cases, tongue scraping sometimes reveals some issues and symptoms which only a dentist can address and evaluate. For example, white patches in your mouth.

Final Verdict

Buy yourself one from any of the ten best tongue scrapers of 2020 mentioned up in the article to make your life easier.

Do not forget to brush your teeth with a fluoride-based toothpaste and floss regularly along with tongue scraping as those are also an integral part of maintaining your oral health. Brush twice a day with an electric toothbrush with timer, floss at least once a day and drink plenty of water for good dental hygiene. The use of mouthwash to keep cavities away is also recommended. You need to drop your habit of smoking if you have one for effective results as tobacco can contribute to bacteria buildup on the tongue.

Remember that a well-rounded approach is of immense importance to achieve your desired results.

We sincerely hope this article covered all your concerns about tongue scrapers and that too, in good detail and enabled you to make a correct decision for yourself and your loved ones.