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Tips from dentists to keep your teeth white

We have collected some tips from the dentist to keep your teeth white today. Our natural teeth are off-white or white in color, but due to our carelessness, they turn yellow. They turn yellow because we do not brush our teeth and do not set up a proper dental hygiene routine. Then, the food debris and bacteria store itself on our teeth and forms a thick, yellow layer called plaque. Plaque does not look good when you talk as it is a sign of bad hygiene. It destroys your teeth and leads them to cavities. The dental treatments after that cost a lot.

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Tips to keep your teeth white

There are a number of ways that can help you remove plaque from your teeth and make them white again.

Control Consumption

You must avoid or reduce the consumption of products that leave a stain on your teeth depending on what the current situation of your teeth is. These products can be coffee, tea, and wine. If you want to consume them, then you must use a straw. The straw will take the drink directly to your mouth, saving the teeth from direct exposure.

Brush and Rinse

Whenever you consume something which leaves a stain on your mouth or makes your teeth feel uncomfortable, rinse your mouth immediately and brush it efficiently with a good toothpaste and clean it with mouthwash.

Dental Routine

You have to maintain a good dental routine. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss after you brush and clean your mouth with mouthwash as well. To maintain white teeth, a hygienic dental routine is necessary as only then you will be able to keep them white, otherwise, the teeth will turn yellow and look dirty.


You may need a touch-up every six months or whenever your dentists recommend depending on the whitening treatment you chose. If you are a chain smoker or drink a lot, you may need these touch-ups more often.

Tips to whiten your teeth naturally

Changing your diet accordingly

You need to minus all the stuff which leaves a stain on your teeth. Beverages and food that have tannins as an ingredient can easily stain the teeth. Foods that have a lot of acid in them also make your teeth go yellow. Excessive consumption of lemon, soda, and coffee is dangerous to your teeth. Quit smoking or drinking if you have a habit of any of these. They cause plaque and prevent tooth decay.

Baking soda as toothpaste

Baking soda is generally very good at removing stains. It is safe to remove stains. It also helps to fight bacteria, hence reduces plaque and prevents tooth decay. Put some drops of water in the baking powder and mix it to make a paste. Then apply it on your (electric) toothbrush and brush on your teeth to get rid of plaque.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide helps to whiten stained teeth and is a mild beach. Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and brush twice a day for two minutes just for a week to see the results. If it is good for you, then continue, if it does not work in an intentional way, stop using it.

Using Fruits

Enzymes in papayas and pineapples can help to whiten your teeth. Either take a piece of them and rub it on your teeth or mash them and apply it on your teeth with your toothbrush to see the results.

Tips to whiten your teeth with products

There are a number of products out there in the market to whiten your teeth, we have explained the most effective of them below. Scroll down!

Whitening Toothpastes

These whitening toothpastes have hydrated silica, sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate as main ingredients that remove the stains and plaque on your teeth. You will see visible effects after a week of daily use. Use it twice a day. It is the easiest way to use and the one which requires less time. Or you can try charcoal teeth whitener to get your teeth white and shiny.

Whitening Strips and Trays

These whitening strips and trays are usually made up of hydrogen peroxide which is a bleaching agent and is applied directly on the teeth. The strip stays on for thirty minutes and can exceed till two hours depending on the situation of your teeth. Three weeks of repeated use will lead to full results.

Whitening Light Devices

Dentists apply a whitening agent on your teeth and then a blue LED light is held over them to increase penetration and accelerate results. The light devices are extremely effective as the ingredient is in full contact with your teeth and left on it for a lot of time. Here you will find the best teeth whitening kits.

What to avoid eating and drinking when you want to keep your teeth white?

If you want to keep your teeth white, then you need to avoid all sorts of foods and drinks which leave stains on your teeth and are acidic in nature. Reduce the use of lemons, alcohol, tobacco, and wine. Cut down on coffee and tea as well. I know that it can be difficult, but it has to be done in order to keep the teeth white. If you are craving these, make sure to drink them through a straw so that they do not touch your teeth and harm them. Also, if you consume any of the foods and drinks above mentioned, be sure to brush your teeth with the best electric toothbrush with timer, but after thirty minutes of consumption.

Common mistakes about teeth whitening and keeping your teeth white

  1. You need to consult with your dentist no matter what. Do not apply any whitening agent before consultation as it might react in a negative way and damage your teeth.
  2. You should always try natural remedies to whiten your teeth before bleaching them as it can be harsh on your teeth.
  3. Follow all the instructions written on the back of the whitening products you are using and do not leave them for more time than recommended.
  4. If you go to a dentist to get treatment, do get follow-up sessions.
  5. Don’t whiten your teeth too often as it can be damaging.
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