About us

Welcome to The Toothbrush Expert. Our mission is to help people find the best dental care products by creating honest and comprehensive reviews of all sorts of dental care products.

Whether you are looking for a manual toothbrush, an electric toothbrush, or a special type of toothpaste. We have reviewed all types of dental care products from A to Z. 

Who we are

We from The Toothbrush Expert are a group of dental experts, dentists, and oral hygienists that want to help people get the best dental care products for them. 

It started a couple of years ago with a small group of dentists. We got a lot of questions from patients and clients about which toothbrush they should be using. These questions about which product to use gave us the idea to create a central place where everybody with questions regarding dental care products could find the right product for them. 

And here we are! A couple of years later we’re very proud that The Toothbrush Expert has turned out to be a good place for a lot of people to get more information about the best dental products to use!

Meet our team

Profile picture Zico

Zico van Bergen – Co-Owner

Hi! Let me introduce myself. I am Zico, father of a beautiful son and living together with my wife. My goal with The Toothbrush Expert is to help people find the right products in an easy way. We as Oral Experts see a lot of products in the market that are not up to the job, that’s why I think it’s really important to provide you with the best possible recommendations. Go ahead and explore our great platform full of the best information about oral care products.

Contact details
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Dr Michael Jones

Dr Michael Jones – Dentist & Co-owner

Hello there! I’m Michael, proud co-owner of The Toothbrush Expert. Together with my friends and fellow dentists Zico and Lewis, we started The Toothbrush Expert in 2019. We want to provide everybody with honest and comprehensive reviews of all kinds of dental care products. Have a look around The Toothbrush Expert for the best possible information regarding oral healthcare products!

Dr Lewis Spence

Dr Lewis Spence – Dentist & Co-owner

Well hello there, good that you’re visiting The toothbrush Expert! My name is Lewis, my patients also call me Dr Lewy. I love working as a dentist to help people with their oral health. People often underestimate the importance of a good oral health care. That’s why I love educating people about the importance and the best possible products! I hope you like our oral care platform.

Yang Chang

Yang Chang – Webmaster

Hello! My name is Yang and I’m the webmaster of The Toothbrush Expert. I make sure that our platform is always in the best possible shape, so we can provide you with the best information about dental healthcare products. If you have ideas or feedback about our website, feel free to reach out to us, so we can keep improving our platform!

How do we test the products

Choosing the right dental product can be a real hassle. We try to make it a little bit easier for you by giving the best honest information. 

We put all the products through a very thorough testing process. Of course, each type of product requires its own testing method so we don’t have 1 specific way of testing. But we’ll cover the main steps we take in the testing processes below.

Step 1: Research Online & Selection

Before selecting the products we want to review we scan the internet for information about the dental products from reviews by industry experts and users. That way we can make a good selection of the best products that we want to test ourselves.

Step 2: Determination of focus points

After we selected the products we want to test and review, we determine the most important aspects of the products. For an electric toothbrush, for example, we focus on the quality of the product, the cleaning quality, cleaning modes, smart features, the lifetime of the battery, and most importantly the usability. The focus points consist most of the time also out of the unique selling points of the product. For example, if a toothpaste is specially made for getting whiter teeth, we’ll focus during testing if the product does what it says. 

Step 3: Testing the products on the determined focus points

The next step is of course testing the products. We set the goal of the tests and the main focus points, so we know what we want to test. We always do the testing ourselves. Most of the time we divide the products between a few people from our team, which will use the products for at least a week. During this week we keep track of the main focus points and make up a short report.

Step 4: Comparing the products to each other and scoring the products

After the testing period, all the members come together and discuss the results. We compare the reports that everyone made and score the products on the main focus points. Products can also over-perform by having pros that the other products don’t have. The scoring of the main points leads to a total score for each product. 

 Step 5: Selecting the winner!

The most important step! Picking the winner. The winner is always the highest-scoring product from step 4. So we always have an overall winner for each review. This doesn’t mean it’s the best product for everyone. That’s why some reviews have several “winners” but then those are based on other aspects. In some reviews, we have the best overall, best budget pick, and best premium pick. Sometimes it’s necessary to segment the winners on price because the differences between the price buckets are worth mentioning. 

Buying guides

All our reviews also contain a buying guide. In the buying guides, we sum up the most important factors you should be considering when buying the product. Moreover, we give you examples and specific specifications are important and between which you have to choose. The buying guides are also made to help you to get more information about the product, so you know exactly what you’re looking for. 

We know that buying products online can be tricky. That’s why we supply you with honest reviews so you know if a product is reliable or not and if it suits your demand. We also check if the product has reviews from other customers. In this manner we double check our findings.

Frequently Asked Questions

To make sure we cover all the possible questions regarding the products we put a FAQ together for all our reviews. In the FAQ we cover the most researched questions about the dental care product on Google search.

If you think this is the right approach then go get your product as soon as possible.