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Which Features do you need on the Waterpik electric toothbrush

There are various models in the best Waterpik electric toothbrush and all have different features from each other. However, the basic features always remain the same. The ultrasonic and the sonic models of these brushes are comparatively more expensive than others and have better features too. So whenever you are looking for a best electronic brush for you, you have to balance the price with the required features. There are some features which make a brush better than the others and those features are listed as follows:

• Sensitive mode
The sensitive mode of an electronic brush is the most important and a useful feature a brush can ever have. This is a feature that is suitable for people with sensitive teeth and gums. 

• Deep clean
The deep clean mode in the electronic brush is for the people who need instant whitening results. 

• Quadrant alarm
This is also one of the most amazing features of an electronic brush which lets the brush make a sound after every 30 seconds so that you move the brush to the other part of your mouth. 

• Connectivity 
Some of the brushes have a Bluetooth connectivity option with your phone that gives you a report that how well you have been brushing your teeth.