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Top 6 Oral-B brush Heads 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

You can find attachments for your Oral-B electric toothbrush or mouth shower here. It is best to replace Oral B brush heads every 10 to 12 weeks before bacteria accumulate. Compare the best Oral B brush heads here:

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All of our picks have the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance.

Quick Overview – Oral-B toothbrush heads (comparison)

Just in case you want to skip the long and detailed review of what is the best Oral-B brush head in each category, here it is:

1 – Braun Oral-B – cross action replacement toothbrush heads


  • New Toothbrush head in the Oral-B product range
  • Perfectly angled bristles to remove plaque and clean teeth

Compatible with

Compatible with all rotating and oscillating toothbrushes (except Sonic/Pulsonic)

Quantity: 10

2 – Braun Oral-B – Sensi Ultrathin replacement electric toothbrush heads


  • Special extra soft flexisoft bristles
  • Suitable for sensitive teeth and gums
  • Brush hair indicator: discolor when they are due for replacement

Compatible with

Fits all Oral-B toothbrushes – except the Pulsonic and the Sonic Complete

Quantity: 10

3 – Braun Oral-B – genuine original precision clean replacement toothbrush heads


  • Special soft blue Precision hairs give way
  • Dark blue bristles reach deeper between teeth and molars
  • Brush hair indicator: discolor when they are due for replacement

Compatible with

Fits all models with rotating cleaning system

Quantity: 10

4 – Braun Oral-B – 3D white electric toothbrush replacement brush heads


  • Gently removes deposits on the tooth surface to naturally whiten the teeth
  • Deep cleaning
  • Developed to remove staining

Compatible with

Suitable for all Oral-B rechargeable toothbrushes with a rotating brushing system, excluding sonic toothbrushes.

Quantity: 4

5 – Generic Oral-B Compatible – electric toothbrush replacement brush heads (TIP)


  • Brushes places where normal toothbrushes can not reach
  • Cheap alternative

Compatible with

It fits Oral-B PRO 500, Oral-B 1000, Oral-B 3000, Oral-B 5000, Oral-B 6000, Oral-B 7000, Oral-B 8000 & Oral-B Vitality

Quantity: 12

6 – Oral-B iO toothbrush heads ultimate clean


  • Specially designed for the Oral-B iO
  • Ultimate Clean Replacement Heads
  • 4 Pack
  • Last longer

Compatible with

Only – Oral-B iO compatible

Quantity: 4

Oral-B brush heads

You have come to the right place at thetoothbrushexpert.com for Oral-B attachment. Oral-B is known for striving for professional products. They weigh exactly what it takes to make a cleaning tool for every tooth. All Oral-B attachments ensure a different result.

The well-known round Oral-B brushes

You will find them everywhere. The round Oral-B brush heads. You will find them in a lot of advertising spaces on the internet that’s because the quality is really high. The big advantage of brushing with a round brush head, it can reach all areas of the mouth. The round brush heads all fit on the Oral-B electric toothbrush.

There is a brush head for every tooth. Do you have sensitive teeth? Then go for the Sensitive or the Sensi UltraThin brush head. Do you want effective dental plaque removal? Then the Cross Action brush head is for you. Do you want the teeth to be polished as good as at the dentist’s? Then the 3D-White brush is something to think about.

There are even more choices. Browse the best Oral-B brush heads page to discover which one is best for you!

Brush with an elongated Oral-B brush head

There are a number of elongated brush heads from Oral-B. One of these Oral-B attachments is part of the normal electric toothbrushes. This is the Oral-B attachment Trizone. Oral-B has made it elongated, to satisfy the lovers of brushing with a manual toothbrush. He polishes exactly the same, but with the benefits of electric brushing.

The other two elongated brush heads are the Sonic Complete and the Pulsonic Complete. These are not for the normal electric toothbrushes, but for the toothbrushes with the same name. These are sonic toothbrushes. The only ones in the Oral-B range.

Oral-B attachment for your Oral-B mouth shower

Oral-B is not only a leader in electric toothbrushes and toothbrush heads. They also have Oral-B mouth showers. To use a mouth shower, you also need attachments for this.

The Waterjet attachment nozzles are used with the MD16. A Waterjet attachment only sprays water. You use the Oxyjet attachment nozzles with the MD20. An Oxyjet attachment nozzle sprays water in combination with bubbles.

Oral-B brush heads replaced on time

It is important that you replace the Oral-B brush head after 10 to 12 weeks, as bacteria will accumulate. The bristles become less stiff, so the use of the brush head is no longer useful. If you didn’t find your oral b brush head we have another blog with even more oral b replacement heads.

Personal advice about Oral-B at Thetoothbrushexpert.com

The choice is large and therefore we are always ready to give you personal advice. You can always mail us via the e-mail address [email protected].

Final verdict

Have you already made a choice for yourself? You can easily place your order on Amazon Toothbrush. Ordered before 00.00 p.m. on a working day, it will arrive the next day!

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