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Top 10 Best Manual Toothbrush 2024: Reviews & Buying guide

For each and every one of us, it is of immense importance to maintain our oral hygiene by using the best manual toothbrush available in the market. The food we eat to energize our body may end up deenergizing it by infecting us if our mouth is not clean. An amazing dental routine helps you to smile brightly, confidently and have a positive influence on your relationships. It keeps away bad breath which is embarrassing and undesirable. Bad breath also leads to a number of lung diseases. It has been proven as a cause of pneumonia and bronchitis.

It saves you from costly dental procedures. Studies show good dental health also saves your taste buds from damaging and enables you to taste your meals better. It helps you keep your natural teeth in their natural state as you get old.

Dental health is also linked to cardiovascular diseases, stroke, dementia, and diabetes. Poor gum health often is a symptom of diabetes. Regular dental checks also alert you if there are any symptoms or risks of cancer in your body.

Good dental health also reduces the chances of cavities in your mouth and saves you from a number of fillings.

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All of our picks have the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance.

Quick Overview (comparison)

Importance of Manual Toothbrushes

The most common way to keep your mouth clean is to brush your teeth at least two times a day for at least four minutes; once at night and once in the morning. It keeps your mouth bacteria-free and saves your teeth from plaque build-up. Brushing also prevents tooth decay and periodontal diseases. The most common dental tool used to keep our mouth clean is a manual toothbrush.

The use of manual toothbrushes is the easiest and cheap way to save yourself from any dental disease and maintain a dental routine. It helps you to customize your brushing experience by letting you control the speed of brushing around each area within your mouth. You can brush with a little force on your teeth if there are some bacteria stuck within them and then at the same time you can brush slowly on your gums if they are sensitive.

Even today, when there have been a number of new tools introduced to manage your dental health, manual toothbrushes are still one of the best if they are properly used. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Today, in this blog we have covered the top ten best manual toothbrushes which you can buy to keep yourself safe from all the fuss of oral diseases. You might be confused about today’s topic thinking that each toothbrush is the same, but no, they are not. With time a number of advancements have been made in manual toothbrushes to keep them up to date and different companies provide different features as per the demand and needs of the consumers in the market.

It is necessary to know what kind of toothbrush you want and what features a company is providing you in your products.

Top 10 Best Manual Toothbrushes

Scroll down to read our best picks and what we think about them!

1 – Curaprox 5460 Ultrasoft Toothbrush, Best Manual Toothbrush

Deigned with Curen filaments, Curaprox made it to the first of our list of best manual toothbrushes. It efficiently cleans all parts of your mouth and has a comfortable grip for your hand. It provides a perfect angle to brush your mouth. It is also tough on plaque; smokers might make use of it.

Major Features

  • Unrivaled design
  • Precise handling at every angle
  • Made with Curen filaments
  • Bristles are rounded at the tops
  • Returnable

Technical features

  • Each bristle is 0.01 cm thin
  • Pack of three


  • Curaprox is ideal for sensitive teeth as it has fine filaments which make the experience gentle for you.
  • It helps you clean all the parts of your mouth as it is made up of densely packed 5460 filaments.
  • The shape of its handle is octagon which helps you hold it at the right angle according to the part of your mouth.
  • It can be bought for a family of three or if you use separate toothbrushes at home, work and travel.
  • It can easily fight plaque and stains.
  • It is tender towards your gumline, helps you keep it clean and saves you from gum diseases.


  • It is a bit expensive.

One reviewer wrote

“I love this toothbrush. The concentration of bristles makes this toothbrush super-effective. The compact head is the perfect size for my mouth, which is a little on the small size. The handle shape ensures a good grip. My greatest wish is that this toothbrush be made from biodegradable materials instead of plastic. With the increase in plastic pollution in every corner of our lives, I am choosing to forgo products made of plastic if/when I have a sustainable alternative. As much as I love this toothbrush, I will likely choose a different one made of bamboo or another more sustainable material. Can you make it happen Curaprox? I don’t want to switch!”

2 – Dr. Collins Perio Toothbrush, Best Manual Toothbrush for Sensitive teeth

Dr. Collins is the best manual toothbrush for sensitive teeth because of its extra soft bristles that easily go deep into your teeth remove plaque and debris. The bristles last longer than usual nylon bristles. Use this toothbrush to keep your teeth fully clean as it reaches the areas that are sensitive and far from normal toothbrush’s reach.

Major Features

  • Has a color range
  • Patented tapered polyester bristles
  • Elongated neck
  • Non-slip thumb grip
  • Ergonomic Head Design
  • Contains Tea tree Oil and Magnolia Bark
  • Ultra-thin tapered bristles

Technical features

  • Pack of three
  • Made in Korea


  • It is cheaper than many of its competitors.
  • Its super soft polyester bristles save your tooth enamel from hurting.
  • Tea Tree Oil and Magnolia bark fight against bad breath and remove bacteria from your mouth.
  • It is good for people with sensitive gums, gum recession and after gum therapy.
  • It can fit right into your hand and doesn’t slip from it.
  • Its elongated neck can reach all parts of your mouth easily and perform its function efficiently.
  • It can be bought for a small family as from three different colors, it can easily be differentiated.


  • It is not returnable.

One reviewer wrote

“Wow, I was amazed at how wonderful this toothbrush felt when I used it today for the first time. My gums have had some tenderness as I tried a few different extra soft toothbrushes once I noticed some gum recession. Brushing had become uncomfortable since I’d not found a soft toothbrush that still felt like it was cleaning my teeth. This one however felt like a wonderful gun massage while also feeling like my teeth were getting a great cleaning. This is my new favorite type of toothbrush!”

3 – Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

Why fill up landfills with plastic when you don’t have to? Help the environment, and feel better about your mark on this world with a Bamboo Toothbrush. This toothbrush made it to our list of top ten best manual toothbrushes because of its exemplary antibacterial feature. It eliminates 99% of bacteria in just six hours. It is scientifically designed two-tiered revolutionary flossing bristles measure just one micrometer at the tip. Its comfort grip handle makes it easier for you to brush for a long while and reach all parts of your mouth.

Major Features of a bamboo toothbrush

  • Antibacterial
  • Invented by a dentist
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 100% recycled biodegradable packaging
  • Can be used until four months
  • Natural bamboo handle
  • Superior Quality
  • Latest Technology

Technical features

  • Pack of 4
  • No plastic
  • Smooth handle


  • Go green, be kind for the environment
  • This toothbrush has been claimed to be great for people with Arthritis.
  • As it is infused with silver, it eliminates 99% bacteria growth on the brush within 6 hours.
  • Its firm and dual-layered bristles provide superior cleaning to your mouth.


  • At this price, its competitors offer more features.

One reviewer wrote

“I was skeptical, but always hated the waste of plastic brushes. WOW! They have a nice finish, so the wood doesn’t “stick” like you’d expect. The bristles are incredibly soft, as my dentist recommended, and SO fine! It takes less effort to clean between teeth, because the bristles get in deeper, but don’t hang up; or shed. They are also quite small, like the nicer brand-name brushes- so you can reach further back. I will be purchasing these again, and again.”

4 – Nimbus Microfine Toothbrush, Manual toothbrush

With its extraordinary bristles, Nimbus Microfine Toothbrush has the tendency to clean all the plaque and remove food debris from your mouth and this is exactly the reason it has been included in our list of top ten best manual toothbrushes. Since it comes in a pack of five, you can buy it for your family in different colors for the identification or even for your own multiple uses. Scroll down to read more about it!

Major Features

  • Single-end tapered bristles
  • Shorter fine support bristles
  • Controlled softness
  • Soft Microfine Bristles
  • Good for plaque removal
  • Choice in colors

Technical features

  • Pack of five toothbrushes
  • Long tapered extra-fine bristles


  • Single-end tapered bristles reach all the critical parts of your mouth.
  • Its soft bristles and controlled softness give you a great brushing experience.
  • While brushing, you will not feel fatigued.
  • Each toothbrush is individually wrapped and comes with an updated handle. 
  • The working operation is based on the ‘Do Not Harm’ rule.
  • It effectively removes all the plaque from your teeth.
  • Its design is easy to hold and control and comfortable.
  • It has been tested and evaluated by dental professionals.


  • It does not come with a plastic cap.

5 – Oral-B 3D White Radiant Manual Whitening Toothbrush

Oral-B White Radiant Toothbrush is in our list of top ten best manual toothbrushes because of its outstanding features like power tip bristles and ergonomic handle. It does not slip from your hands while brushing and has strong bristles that easily remove all the debris and plaque from your teeth even if you do not apply a lot of pressure.

Major Features

  • Unique Criss Cross Bristle Technology
  • Power Tip Bristles
  • Soft Gum Stimulators
  • Ergonomic Grip Handle


  • Its crisscross bristles remove plaque 5 times with every stroke.
  • Its power tip bristles help to clean hard to reach places.
  • It has an ergonomic grip handle that provides your hand comfort while brushing and does not slip out of your hands.
  • The soft gum stimulators help to give your gums a gentle massage.
  • As the name suggests, it helps you whiten your teeth even in between them.


  • It is a bit expensive than its competitors.

6 – Oral-B Pro-Health Toothbrush, standard Toothbrush

Although it is quite expensive and will need a major investment for a toothbrush, Oral-B Pro-Health Toothbrush is in our list of top ten best manual toothbrushes because it is price efficient and covers a number of features will easily justify its price. It is well-liked by its users as it removes the plaque and bad odor from your mouth. It also provides up to 55% better cleaning along the gum line versus a regular manual toothbrush.

Major Features

  • Criss Cross Bristles
  • Long bristles  
  • The rounded tip of bristles
  • Soft Gum Stimulators
  • Cheek-Tongue Cleaner
  • Justifies the price

Technical features

  • Bristles are oriented at 16 degrees


  • The bristles reach all areas of the teeth easily and clean plaque efficiently.
  • It even reaches the tight space in between your teeth and cleans the bacteria stuck there.  
  • As the tip of its bristles is round, the bristles are gentle towards your gums and teeth.
  • Soft gum simulators help the brush to massage the gums to improve your oral hygiene.
  • Cheek-tongue cleaner helps to provide a massage to your tongue and mouth.
  • Oral-B Pro-Health provides a comprehensive clean to your mouth.


  • The negative point of this toothbrush is that its soft bristles tend to turn hard quickly.
  • The price is quite high.

7 – Sensodyne Sensitive Toothbrush

This toothbrush made it to our list of top ten best manual toothbrushes because of the amazing response it has on Amazon by its customers. The reviews are great. This toothbrush is recommended normally by most of the dentists out there. It is best for people with sensitive teeth and covers all areas of your mouth.

Major Features

  • Very nice tooth head
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Dentist Recommended
  • Small Handle


  • This manual toothbrush is best for people with sensitive teeth.
  • It is perfect for people with cramped teeth and small mouths.
  • It is very good for precise gentle cleaning.
  • The head size is great for brushing the back molars.
  • These toothbrushes are very price efficient.
  • They easily reach the most awkward areas of your mouth.


  • The bristles are not too soft for sensitive gums.

8 – Colgate Premier Class Clean Medium Toothbrush

Colgate Premier Class Clean Medium Toothbrush is included in our list of top ten best manual toothbrushes because of its efficient basic functions at a cheap price. It provides you with a tongue scraper as well and the pack of twelve can be used for years if you are single and for a long period of time even if you are a family of four. Also, they are of different colors so it will be easy to identify if used for a family.

Major Features

  • Colors may vary
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Built-in tongue scraper

Technical features

  • Comes in a pack of twelve toothbrushes
  • Bi-level bristles


  • It helps you to maintain your gums without irritation.
  • Its bristles clean the plaque along the gum line and remove it from your teeth to give you an impressive overall clean.
  • It does not slip from your hands while you are brushing and provides you with comfort to make you brushing experience good.
  • The backside of the toothbrush has a built-in tongue scraper which gives you ultimate freshness and removes bacteria from your tongue.
  • It is cheap in price.
  • It is extremely efficient in its functions.


  • Colgate Premier Classic Clean Medium Toothbrush does not have a lot of features when compared to its competitors.

9 – Dental Expert Charcoal Toothbrush

Dental Expert Charcoal Toothbrush is in our list of top ten best manual toothbrushes because of its amazing bristle qualities. It comes at a cheap price and covers all the basic features a toothbrush must possess. It is both for the use of adults and children and can be used by a family of five without affecting the budget.

Major Features

  • Medium Tip Bristles
  • Black color
  • For adults and children
  • Long and Soft Bristles
  • Tested for months by top dentists
  • Returnable and Refundable

Technical features

  • Comes in a pack of five
  • Power Tip


  • It can easily reach all areas of your mouth and remove 99% of the plaque from there.
  • You can use it with a charcoal toothpaste or even with regular toothpaste.
  •  You will feel refreshed and easier while brushing your mouth with this cool toothbrush.
  • It improves your gum health, reduces gingivitis and restores optimal dental health in just the time of four weeks.
  • It comes in a pack of five which you can utilize for fifteen months if you are buying it for yourself. It can be used for a family of five as well.


  • It does not come with a plastic cap for the toothbrush head.

10 – Toothbrush Standard Classic Medium Soft Individually Wrapped, Budget Manual Toothbrush, 100 pack

How could we forget including an option for a manual toothbrush in which you could buy toothbrushes in bulk quantity? Millennium Trading offers the best services of bulk purchasing for your business. It could be a hotel, travel, guests, etc. The toothbrushes are disposable and available in huge amounts.

Major Features

  • Options for four packs; hundred, two hundred, five hundred and thousand
  • For bulk purchase mainly
  • Long-lasting
  • Great Quality
  • Assorted colors Millennium Trading
  • Individually Wrapped

Technical features

  • 100 pack


  • They are extremely cost-friendly.
  • They can be stored for when guests come over.
  • You can donate these to local charities or to the homeless.
  • They can efficiently remove plaque and all the food debris collected in the user’s mouth.
  • Millennium Trading toothbrushes also provide you with a good odor and cool mouth after you are done brushing your teeth.


  • These toothbrushes do not have as many features as their competitors.
  • They are not for personalized use.

Done reading the reviews but still confused about the buying process? Have no worries! We have you covered with our buying guide. Swipe through to gain all the tips and tricks you need to buy the best manual toothbrush for you!

Where do you pay attention to buying the best manual toothbrush?

You need to check a number of features before purchasing a toothbrush. I know it may seem like no big deal, but buying a toothbrush is actually a tricky process. We have outlined and explained each feature for you.

Head of the Toothbrush

You have to carefully choose the toothbrush head according to the size of your mouth. If you have a big mouth and can easily open all of it, you may buy a large one, but it is better to buy a toothbrush with a smaller head as it can easily gain access to all parts of your mouth. A toothbrush which covers two to three teeth at a time is usually about the right size and good for the purchase. For children, the child-sized toothbrushes are separately available in the market.

Kind of Bristles

Bristles are the plastic threads on a toothbrush that cleans your teeth and mouth. There are mostly three kinds of bristles on a toothbrush: ultra-soft, medium, and hard nylon bristles. For most people, soft-bristled toothbrushes are the best. A huge number of people also have sensitive gums, soft-bristled toothbrushes also work the best for them as well as kids and older people. You should choose this feature on how strength fully you brush your teeth and the ability of your teeth to resist force. You should choose it carefully as it may affect the health of your teeth. Hard-bristled toothbrushes are likely to damage your gums and tooth enamel. Hard bristles are more successful at removing plaque from your teeth, smokers might use these bristles.

Some toothbrushes even have colored bristles which are normally used as indicators. Even the color starts to fade away, it means that the life of the toothbrush has ended and you must replace it with a new one.

colored bristles on a manual toothbrush
Colored bristles on a manual toothbrush

Some brush heads or bristles have the same length, while some have different. They could be wavy or criss-cross in the pattern.

Handle of the Toothbrush

The different types of handles are ergonomic grip, non-slip grip, and flexible neck. Your handle of the toothbrush must not be much smaller as they become uncomfortable while holding. You should definitely consider the ones with longer handles. It should fit right into your hand and have a non-slip grip so that it does not fall from your hands while brushing and catch germs. Some toothbrushes have an ergonomic grip which means that it can be used at different angles. This type is also good as it lets you easily brush all across your mouth and reach all the teeth.

Price of the Toothbrush

One of the most important factors while purchasing a toothbrush is the price. You must be aware of your budget and buy something within it and with the most suitable features for your use and mouth. The price mostly lies within the range of $1 to $5 per brush. You can buy manual toothbrushes in packs which save you a lot of money when you want to replace the current toothbrush to the next.

Next in this detailed blog about the best manual toothbrush we have a section explaining how to use the manual toothbrush to keep your mouth safe from diseases.

How to use it efficiently

Read the following steps to become aware of the whole process.

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Step 1

    Wash your hands and gargle your mouth before brushing your teeth.

  2. Step 2

    Take the toothbrush and put a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to clean your teeth effectively without covering them in the past.

  3. Step 3

    Move the brush gently in circular motions throughout your mouth in a way that reaches all your teeth. Do not brush your teeth with a lot of force as this can damage your gums and make them bleed. It will also damage your tooth enamel.

  4. Step 4

    Take around three to four minutes to brush your teeth. Clean each side of your teeth, both the front and the back.

  5. Step 5

    For good blood circulation in your gums, massage them from the backside of your toothbrush.

  6. Step 6

    After you are done, spit the fluid in your mouth and clean it.

  7. Step 7

    Wash your toothbrush gently so that all of the toothpaste gets off from it and it can be used again. Place it back in the brush holder and cover its head and the bristles with a plastic cap to keep it safe from germs and to maintain hygiene.

You should remember to always brush your teeth twice a day, if not twice than every night at the very least as our mouth is close for hours at night and the bacteria get time to act on them and damage them. If you still have not understood the method, please ask your dentist to perform it in front of you, which they happily will. Still, have some concerns and doubts going through your mind? Relax, we have you covered once again! Scroll down to read the FAQ on manual toothbrushes we carefully planned for you. 

Curaprox 5460 Ultrasoft Toothbrush, 3 Pack
Oral-B Pro 1000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, Black with Pressure Sensor, 3 Modes
Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0 Professional Flossing Toothbrush, Electric Toothbrush and Water Flosser Combo In One, White
Curaprox 5460 Ultrasoft Toothbrush, 3 Pack
Oral-B Pro 1000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, Black with Pressure Sensor, 3 Modes
Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0 Professional Flossing Toothbrush, Electric Toothbrush and Water Flosser Combo In One, White
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Brush & Floss
Curaprox 5460 Ultrasoft Toothbrush, 3 Pack
Curaprox 5460 Ultrasoft Toothbrush, 3 Pack
Amazon Prime
Oral-B Pro 1000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, Black with Pressure Sensor, 3 Modes
Oral-B Pro 1000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, Black with Pressure Sensor, 3 Modes
Amazon Prime
Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0 Professional Flossing Toothbrush, Electric Toothbrush and Water Flosser Combo In One, White
Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0 Professional Flossing Toothbrush, Electric Toothbrush and Water Flosser Combo In One, White
Amazon Prime
Brush & Floss

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Best Manual Toothbrush

What is the best manual toothbrush to use?

Although it is very difficult to decide in this competitive market, we do have a winner and it is none other than Oral-B Pro-Health All-In-One Soft Toothbrush. It is an ultra-soft bristle toothbrush and gives a super unique arrangement to its bristles at an angle of sixteen degrees. They lie in a criss-cross pattern and easily remove 99.9% of the plaque. They can also easily access all the hard to reach parts of your mouth. Moreover, Oral-B’s bristles are extremely soft for sensitive gums and teeth.
The back of the toothbrush includes a gum massager and a cheek-tongue cleaner which efficiently cleans all germs from your entire mouth and gives a massage to your tongue improving the blood circulation in it. Its handle features a special grip for your thumb which makes it easier to use and gives you a comfortable brushing experience. It does not fall or slip off of your hands easily.

What is the best manual toothbrush to remove plaque?

Plaque is the yellow layering on your teeth which collects when you do not brush your teeth for a while. The Nimbus Microfine Toothbrush is the perfect pick for this category. It can easily remove all the plaque from your teeth easily and effectively especially if you are suffering from some oral disease. It has the perfectly tapered long end and short end bristles which can go to each part of your tooth to clean the plaque there. Nimbus has an ergonomic handle that provides comfort to your hand while brushing and enables it to position it effectively to access all the areas of your mouth in order to remove plaque and bacteria hiding there. The handles are also colored which can be a factor in motivating you to brush your teeth regularly.
Nimbus’s ‘Do Not Harm’ principle will save your sensitive teeth and gums from bleeding or worsening in their condition.

Are electric toothbrushes better than manual toothbrushes?

Electric toothbrushes are generally more expensive than manual toothbrushes. They have more features than the manual toothbrushes as well and are more efficient and effective in their function. They can remove more plaque from your teeth than a manual toothbrush in a much shorter period of time. They use the latest technology to aid brushing. However, there are some situations in which you may prefer manual toothbrushes over electrical toothbrushes, for example when you are traveling. Carrying manual toothbrushes is much convenient than carrying an electrical toothbrush. Another situation could be when you do not like the feel of an electric toothbrush. Manual toothbrushes are also easy to find in the market than electrical brushes. A person may be afraid of using electrical toothbrushes or does not have the need to use them. You can go through our guide of the top ten best electronic toothbrushes to know more about them.

Can electric toothbrushes damage your teeth?

Electric toothbrushes are generally used to remove plaque effectively and whiten your teeth. However, they can damage your teeth if you do not use them with care. They can remove the tooth enamel which is a yellow layering that protects your teeth from sensitivity. When tooth enamel is removed, your teeth become more sensitive and eating or drinking cold or very hot things can lead to excessive pain in them. Electric toothbrushes can even make your gums bleed if you brush too vigorously and have the tendency to damage your teeth fillings. It has been reported that the fillings of people feel out due to the excessive use of electric toothbrushes. To save yourself from such damage, please use an electric toothbrush no longer than two minutes and brush very softly. Make sure your brush has ultra-soft bristles if you have sensitive teeth and gums. Read out the blog about the top ten best electric toothbrushes to gain more information.

Why choose a manual toothbrush?

There are a number of reasons you would want to choose a manual toothbrush to improve your daily dental hygiene.
Firstly, it is much cheaper than other dental products.

Secondly, it is comfortable to use and provides you with a number of features, for example, a gum massager at the back or a tongue scraper at the back of the toothbrush.

Thirdly, it consumes no electricity.

Fourthly, it is very lightweight, hence easier to carry while traveling.

Moreover, they whiten your teeth, remove plaque and bacteria and successfully give your mouth a better odor. Also, you do not have to take excess care of them like many other dental products. Lastly, manual toothbrushes can be easily used by children as well as they require no specific instructions except for brushing lightly and in circular motions. They can be used to motivate dental hygiene amongst kids of a younger age.

What is the best manual toothbrush for gum recession?

There are a number of choices for manual toothbrushes for gum recession in the market, but Dr. Collins’s toothbrush has our heart and the first position in the category of best manual toothbrushes. It is because of its ultra-soft bristles that do not hurt or harm your sensitive gums. No other toothbrush has bristles like that of Dr. Collins. They are made of polyester to prevent sensitivity and reach all parts of your teeth to clean them efficiently and gently. Also, whatever the toothbrush maybe, if you apply a lot of force on it while brushing, no matter how soft its bristles are, it will hurt your gums and tooth enamel. So please, always brush lightly and do not apply much pressure. Plaque removal can not be done in a short span of time, it takes a good dental and brushing routine of weeks and months for it to happen.

Conclusion on Manual Toothbrushes

Remember to update your manual toothbrush after every three months no matter what the company is unless they promise that it can work efficiently for more time. The main reason for this is that the bristles wear out usually by this time and the toothbrush is not effective and efficient in its functions anymore. It has spent the best 360 minutes inside your mouth passing again and again over your teeth and gums. Please cover your toothbrush with a plastic cap and place it at some safe space, where dust can not reach it. Keep it clean as it has to go inside your mouth and you would not want something dirty to go inside as it could lead to serious health issues which can further lead to expensive dental procedures.

This was our blog on the top ten best manual toothbrushes. We hope it helped you to choose one for you or for your family. We tried our best to address all the concerns and questions, if you still have any, please do not hesitate to visit your dentist. They will be more than happy to help you in this matter. We hope you organize a good dental routine for yourself to avoid any infections in your mouth and in your body and to save yourself from the embarrassment of bad breath. Read our other reviews about electric toothbrushes, because studies show they work even beter against plaque. Good Luck!

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